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I will admit on this page that gardening is my 1st passion and knitting comes only 2nd. The gardens at Noah's Landing are "under development" having just moved to this location last fall.  I had a little over a month to move as many plants as I could and get them into the ground.  My husband (who is not a gardener) did find a part time helper for me and we managed to move and plant about 1000 daylilies (200 varieties), about 200 Hostas, many trees and shrubs and quite a few perennials. Fortunately, the old gardens are just about 1 mile away and I have this next year to remove starts of those plants I did not get moved.
The photo above is of one of the old gardens.  I will be posting progress and photos of the new gardens as the season progresses.

July Update:  I have been so busy getting the new gardens in I haven't had time to update the website but the gardens are really coming along.  Here are some recent photos:
This is some of the new hostas and the next photo shows about 1/2 of the new shade garden.

This shows the Daylily sales bed and the vegetable garden.  The hayfield behind the garden is often filled with deer.  So far they are staying on their side of the fence.  I will also post a picture I took off of the back porch one night this spring.  The next photo shows one section of the sunny border.

Here are the deer one night in April 2007.  There are flowers planted all along this fence now.


   Noah's Landing is both a farm and a yarn shop.  It is currently the home of six Border Leicester X Blue Faced Leicester sheep, seven barn cats, and 2 dogs.  The guinea fowl and rooster got left behind at the old place but are very happy as the new owners have several hens.  Later this summer new young guineas will be brought in. (To tell the truth I couldn't catch the old ones and the rooster would have been unhappy alone.)
   The sheep all have long curly lustrous wool that spins easily as well as making great doll hair and Santa beards.  Delphinium (Del) is pictured above.  There are two more white sheep; Rudibeckia (Rudy) and his twin sister Marigold.  The three gray sheep include Basil, Sage, and Buttercup.  None of our sheep ever go to market, they are pets.
   Two of the cats came with us from the other place.  Curry is about 16 years old and had a variety of homes before landing with us a few years ago.  Spot is a big black cat who sometimes lives at the neighboring greenhouse.  The other 5 kittens came to us all at once as wild kittens living in a friend's garage.  The had to be trapped to be captured.  Two are now very tame (with me only) and I am still working on the other 3.  They are Lily, Sylvester, Thomas, Sabrina, and Endora.
   The two dogs live in the house with us.  They include Simon, a briard and Bart, a Humane Society special.

July- Simon and Bart had summer haircuts.  Now we have a name for Bart's breed.  We are calling him a long legged speckled schnauzer.  I think we will keep him clipped like this but Simon will be allowed to grow out some.

                                             Bart with new do.
                                             Simon - a bit short but nice and cool.

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