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Knitting News From Noah’s Landing     Issue 4   July 2007
I can’t believe it is July already and I am just getting another newsletter out. This spring has been busy, busy, busy. We did 4 shows in April, May, and June and do welcome all of you new folks to the mailing list. I really do want to try to get a newsletter out every couple of months so I will try to do better. However, this one will be short because mostly I wanted to let you know that I am having a garage sale this coming week starting at noon on Thursday. I will put the flyer at the end of this letter with details. I do have a lot of yarns including some very nice sale yarns that are close to ½ price and lots and lots of weaving yarns including many spools of cotton rug warp. I have 3 small table looms in the sale, a spool frame and some other odds and ends of weaving stuff. Call or email be if you need more information or directions. I went to TNNA in June and ordered some new stuff including some great lace patterns from Alpaca with a Twist and Fiddlesticks. I have some new Habu yarns coming and new Cashmere and silk yarn on its way. The next show we will be at is in September in Yellow Springs. You can get details about that show at this site: . I will have a nice selection of Habu sweater kits at this show. Besides being busy with shows this spring, my biggest project has been the gardens. With moving last fall I was able to get started on the landscaping but really had my work cut out for me this May and June. (If you remember we had a second winter in April so did not get much gardening done.) The 200 or so varieties of Hostas are all in place in the shade gardens and growing quite nicely with a few shady companion plants. Most of the new trees and shrubs survived the winter and… the really big job of planting the 200 foot or so sunny border is done. Yeh! The daylilies and some of the other flowers are finally blooming and I have a really nice garden underway. I am selling daylilies again this July. Please call and make an appointment to come see them if you are interested and not too far away. There are about 175 varieties for sale. I have 15 or 20 varieties of hostas for sale as well and a few dahlias potted and growing. The vegetable garden is planted and starting to produce. –Did I mention I have not been doing much knitting. There is still a lot to do with the landscaping but I am happy with what is now done and hope to get some of the stone walls built before next spring so that it will have a finished look. Again, welcome new folks and thanks so much for your support at those spring shows. Here are some photos of the new gardens and the flyer for the garage sale. The 1st photo shows part of the shade garden, the 2nd shows the daylily sales garden and vegetable garden, and the 3rd photo shows part of the sunny border. Later tonight the hay field in the background will have 10-20 deer pass through. So far, they are staying on their side of the fence. I took a picture one night of 45 deer beyond the fence. Happy knitting or gardening or just enjoying the rest of the summer. (Pictures are on garden page).
Susan Sivey Noah’s Landing 330 496 9065 

Knitting News From Noah’s Landing       Issue 3 April 2007
As I sit here watching near blizzard conditions outside, I thought I might get out a brief newsletter. It is hard to believe that I spent all of last week working in the gardens and now everything is frozen solid. BIG NEWS Finally after years of putting it off, we have a Web Site. It is not complete yet but it is published. You will find us at and hopefully soon I will figure out how to make changes and additions so I can complete the site. I do plan to put future newsletters on the site, so I will just send out a note that the newsletter is posted. New Arrivals We now have a nice selection of Chiaogoo Bamboo Needles. We have dbl pts from size 1 to 11, 9“ single points in sizes 1-11, and 25” circulars in sizes 10-11 and 40” circulars in sizes 9-11. These needles are quite nice as well as being reasonably price. The new colors in Fino from Alpaca with a Twist arrived last week. The coral and yellow are lovely and great fro Spring. About a month ago we got in several bulky yarns for felting. They are great for the felted hats and also knit up quickly in scarves and mobius (mobii???) A couple of new lace patterns from Heartstrings arrived last week and finally….after waiting four months….the Habu order is on its way. The first order placed in November or December was lost but I didn’t discover this until I started checking on it in January or February. So we had to start all over. As all of the Habu yarns come from Japan, there is usually an eight to ten week wait. I have a very good selection of the Habu yarns in stock and am waiting for several new kits to arrive. Habu has some very interesting yarns including one of stainless steel and silk. Many of the yarns are very fine and many are naturally dyed. Their designs are innovative but wearable. I will be watching for the UPS man until this order arrives. Up Coming Events We have a busy spring planned. Next weekend, April 14, we will be at Knitter’s Fantasy in Warren Ohio. You can find out about that show at I hope to see many of you there. On the following weekend, we will be at the Dayton Knitting Retreat. That will be April 20, 21, and 22. The market there is open to the public if you are in that area and not signed up for the retreat. Hopefully, after that, our second winter will be through and I can get back into the gardens for a few weeks before the Great Lakes Fiber Show at the end of May. That show takes place Memorial Day weekend in Wooster. The website is This show is very close to home, making it a little easier with a lot less travel. The weekend after that Nancy and I travel to Columbus for the TNNA show. This is a trade show for shop owners. All the major yarn companies will be there and it should be a great weekend of “shopping til we drop”. Then the next week, June 7-9 we will be back in Columbus for a new show which is open to the public. There are lots of great classes being offered by outstanding teachers and authors. Find out about the Knitter’s Connection at After that we are going to need to rest for a while and get back to the gardens. June and July will be a great time to visit the shop if you like gardens and everything survives this winter blast. I put in nearly 200 varieties of Hostas and that many varieties of Daylilies last fall. The hostas were just starting to peak through when the cold hit and the daylilies were up several inches. Free Pattern
I have finally written up the directions for my little ruffled cuff. Please try it out and let me know if the directions are clear and make sense. As it has not yet been knitted by someone else, so you are my test knitters. The cuff can be worn down or folded up over a sleeve. Ruffled Cuff Designed by Susan Sivey Noah’s Landing
The sample cuff pictured is knit with my hand dyed natural silk yarn that is fingering weight. Materials needed: 90-100 yds of fingering weight yarn, size 3 dbl pointed needles (Note: These cuffs are simply a knit 4 purl 2 ribbing repeated 7 times with extra purls in the ruffle that are decreased if you knit from the ruffle up or increased if you want to knit from the top to the ruffle. The directions are written from the ruffle up. To make the cuffs wider or narrower or change yarns or needle size, simply adjust the number of knits between the purls. For instance you might have 5 knits 2 purls 7 times if your yarn is smaller or you want to increase the size or 3 knits 2 purls 7 times if you want to go smaller or you have bigger yarn and bigger needles. Do not add or decrease the number of repeats as seven is nicely balanced.)
 Cast on 84 stitches (12 x 7) Distribute stitches over 4 needles making sure stitches are not twisted. An easy distribution that divides the sections is 24 24 24 12. (For 3 needles, 24, 24, 36 Round 1 Join yarn and begin knitting as follows: *Purl 8, Knit 4 * repeat 6 more times which is to end of round Round 2 *Purl 2 tog, purl 4, slip slip purl, knit 4 * repeat to end of round Round 3 * Purl 6, knit 4* repeat to end of round Round 4 *Purl 2 tog, purl 2, ssp, knit 4 * repeat to end of round Round 5 *Purl 4, knit 4, * repeat to end of round Round 6 *Purl 2 tog , ssp, Knit 4, * repeat to end of round Round 7 and all remaining rounds *Purl 2, knit 4, * Repeat to end of round
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